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2 oktober 2008, 12:21 (

ESPN has confirmed that the North American Sports Network (NASN) will become ESPN America, from Super Bowl Sunday, February 1, 2009. The network is promising to continue bringing the best of North American sports to fans in Europe and the Middle East.

Coverage of over 800 live and as-live sports events includes Major League Baseball (MLB), National Hockey League (NHL), National Football League (NFL) and NCAA American Football and Basketball. ESPN America also has the rights to the Super Bowl in a number of European territories including Germany, France, the Netherlands and Poland. Key ESPN studio programming is also included.

Mike McKibbin, ESPN Group Marketing Director for Europe, the Middle East and Africa said, “ESPN America’s new brand identity will combine the heroics and drama of American sports. It celebrates the virtues required to excel at these sports, and identifies the athletes’ status as heroes in the eyes of the fan. The channel will consistently deliver unrivalled quality in broadcasting coverage, strengthened by ESPN’s innovation, creativity and position as the worldwide leader in sports.

ESPN acquired NASN in 2007 and has subsequently grown the channel to 14 million households in 43 countries.


2 oktober 2008, 13:05
Maybe now they will start showing NBA games. Anyone know why they haven't been doing that? Probably unable to secure a contract.

2 oktober 2008, 14:24
NBA-rights in Netherlands are with Sport1, so it's just a rights issue. They don't have them for the Netherlands.

3 oktober 2008, 14:29
Would be nice if they did........they would probably show alot more games than Sport1 does.

3 oktober 2008, 20:45
SPORT1 doesn't have the exclusive rights for the NBA in the Netherlands. So that issue can go right throught bucket.

As for NASN broadcasting NBA this season. I personally hope not, but i've got SPORT1 also.

I think if NASN will broadcast NBA the programming they will be to full and to much for just 1 channel. Now sometimes you want to watch NCAA Football but they broadcast MLB. Next time you have MLB but you want to watch NHL.

So if NBA comes to NASN let them introduce NASN2 just like in the UK en Ireland.

Yet just wait when in de coming weeks the international broadcasting tv schedule will be made public.........


4 oktober 2008, 12:05
So if NBA comes to NASN let them introduce NASN2 just like in the UK en Ireland.

And while they're at it, let them also introduce NASN-HD. :cool:

9 oktober 2008, 12:00
At the moment NASN has decided not yet to broadcast (as) LIVE NBA games. But at the beginning of the season NASN will begin broadcasting their ESPN show: NBA FASTBREAK (a recap / highlights show) to Europe.

It's a beginning.

* The Middle East version of NASN will begin broadcasting 1 game a week.

10 oktober 2008, 10:12
* The Middle East version of NASN will begin broadcasting 1 game a week.[/quote]

I think NASN Europe will follow. The NBA is big business and basketball is very popular all over Europe. ESPN will probably start with a game or two a week, see how the ratings are, then add more games. The best option would be a second channel as the programming schedule is already full. Time will tell.